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Yoga Therapy Explained...

Since I have started my journey as a yoga therapist, the more evident peoples desires for happiness, connection, and knowing themselves better become.

 “What do you hope to gain from this therapy session? “ I ask.

 “I want to get my body back in alignment.”

“No expectations. I am open.”

“To understand my injuries.”

“Handle stress better.”

“Increased body awareness.”

“Reconnect with self, refocus passions and energy.”

“Love and attention towards parts of my body and spirit that are stuck and tight.”


The above are verbatim statements from clients.

So how are these issues addressed in a yoga therapy session?

 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a client centered approach to mind and body awareness. That means, you actually are in control of the session. As a yoga therapist, I meet you where you are at, allowing you freedom to come exactly as you are. I am interested in providing a light upon the path of your own, unique truth. The best and deepest resonating truths and wisdom are inside of you! Witnessing you find your own truth and experience is the first light bulb to empowerment and living a truly authentic life.  This is not an “advice giving” type of therapy. I believe that you already have the advice, it is just a process of uncovering your truth.

 A yoga therapy session is merely a journey. It is a journey in discovering and bringing awareness not only to your breath but how you breathe. How your physical body feels and holds tension, and how it relates to your mind, emotions, and life.

 In my own personal experience, I have started to use my body as a life guidebook, showing me deeper awarenesses that I may have not discovered otherwise. By receiving this work, I have been able to unleash creative blocks, make more intelligent life decisions, and understand the clues my body relays to me.

“ You get into these positions that are uncomfortable and because you are talking about your body you are free to talk and you realize, ‘Oh no this is actually my life’. This is what is showing up for me. My body is my life. This discomfort that I am having in my life is showing up in my body. I am holding tension in my body…No I am holding tension in my life.”

-Remy Moore, hair stylist NYC

The above quote is from a first time client with no expectations. The combination of closed eye meditation, assisted yoga postures, and mirroring dialogue aid in creating an avenue to ones higher and deepest truth. Exploring ones inner world can have an illuminating effect on ones outer world.


Below are a few other first time clients descriptions of what they walked away from a session with…

 “The session helped calm my mind and not focus on the stressors of the day.”

 “I had a deep emotional release. I felt safe and got so much out of our session.”

Every single body is different and experiences the work in such a unique way. Some may feel more of a physical release, while others have their minds very stimulated, and some feel the work on an emotional level. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is just a microscope into the present moment of what is happening for the client. With the embodied mindfulness and authentic presence of the practitioner, the client is supported in a safe container for finding and experiencing their bodies intelligence and teachings.

- Goethe

Whatever you can do or imagine, begin it; boldness has beauty, magic, and power in it.